preview single from new ep, due summer 2014


everything about this town has changed
and everything about this town has stayed the same
guess I wore out my welcome the last time I was home
you don’t return any letters, never pick up the phone
so the only thing to do was to knock on your door
i just wanna know why we’re not friends anymore

we had big dreams, i swear we both did
just because I followed mine doesn’t mean I abandoned
all we had
isn’t bound to this town
i can go up without putting you down
i can go up. there’s enough to go around

yes i left but you i didn’t mean to leave
i hope you’re happy in the life i could never lead
(i don’t mean that critically, just acknowledging the truth)
and for reciprocity... if not, what’s stopping you?


release date unknown
Written by Phoebe Spier
Co-Produced by Phoebe Spier, Zach Dunham & Lee Howard
Recorded and Mixed by Lee Howard at Mystery Machine Studio, PDX



all rights reserved


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